The Vezere Valley and Pre-History

The Vezere valley is home to the greatest concentration of prehistoric sites in Europe. There are traces of mankind dating back 400,000 years. Today this region is famous throughout the world and referred to as ‘the cradle of mankind’. The valley contains 147 prehistoric sites and 25 decorated caves, some of which can still be visited. Fifteen of these sites are so important they have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites; including the famous Lascaux cave at Montignac. Less than 10 minutes drive from ‘Le Jardin des Amis ‘ is the village of Les Eyzie-de-Tayac, positioned between the Vezere river and dramatic overhanging cliffs. Here you will find, amongst others, the famous Font-de-Gaume cave, the National Museum of Prehistory and the abri where Cro-Magnon man was discovered.

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